Snoring FAQs
Sleep makes you faster

Will sleep make you faster?

Athletes who get a few extra hours sleep per night boost their speed by up to 5 percent and their accuracy by 9 percent. The amount of sleep you actually need, depends on your genes and physical strength you put into your sports activity. Top athletes have been known to sleep about 10 hours a night.

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Can Sleep make you happy?

Can Sleep Make You Happy?

If you discovered a single treatment that could make you feel great, improve your concentration, reduce your chance of accidents, improve your sex life and enhance your immune system, would you try it?

If it was free, with no side affects would you think it was too good to be true? Well most of us would!

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Obstructive Sleep apnea

Are you at Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is not just Snoring, or feeling fatigued. It is a serious medical condition that can have a huge impact on your lifestyle and health. Not all people who Snore have Sleep Apnea, but most people who have Sleep Apnea Snore.

Sleep Apnea is very different to regular snoring, and can often be misdiagnosed.

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Sleepy Dream Cookies

A bedtime snack seems old-fashioned and the feeling of comfort probably comes from the memories of our childhood. It is important to avoid snacks that will keep you awake in the early hours. These scrumptious Sleepy Dream Cookies contain all the ingredients necessary to tuck you up for a good nights sleep.

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Hummus recipe for sleep

Sleepy Hummus Recipe

Just imagine a delicious night time snack that sets you in a mood for sleep. Chickpeas are rich in vitamin B6, which promotes the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Add basil which has been used as a mild sedative for generations and you have a sleep infused, healthy bed time snack.

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Chamomile tea for sleep

Night Cap Recipe for Sleep

Sweet Dreams Chamomile

We all know that a cup of Chamomile tea is a stress busting, but not all of us know that it also helps us sleep. According to researchers Chamomile tea is associated with an increase in glycine, a chemical that reduces tension, relaxes muscles and acts as a mild sedative. Milk’s calcium content has a calming affect and its lactose releases endorphins.

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Why women can't sleep

Why women can’t sleep?

Sleep disorders are on the rise, especially in women.  Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic reports that women work on an average of 41.7 office hours a week and if you add in their household duties it brings it to 65-68 hours in the week. Men sit at a comfortable 48 hours in comparison.

Womens sleep has deteriorated in the last 50 years and this is attributed to:

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food for sleep

Foods that help you sleep!

We all agree that there is nothing better than a good nights sleep! But how many of us are getting the quality sleep that makes us feel refreshed and alert ? There are many foods that contain naturally occurring substances that bring on sleep. Adjusting our diet to include sleep boosting ingredients could help us fall asleep quicker and for longer.

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snoring, sleep and immune system.

Why is SLEEP so important for my immune system?

Sleep studies have revealed that our fast paced lifestyles are negatively affecting our immune system. Sleep specialists suggest that it is necessary to find a balance between work, play and getting sufficient sleep.

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Is my sex drive snoring

Is my SEX drive SNORING?

A sleepless night, a full stressful day at the office, home responsibilities are a good cocktail for a lowered libido in both men and women. A study shows poor sleep patterns lower the levels of testosterone and the natural desire for sex.

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