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Why is SLEEP so important for my immune system?

Sleep studies have revealed that our fast paced lifestyles are negatively affecting our immune system. Sleep specialists suggest that it is necessary to find a balance between work, play and getting sufficient sleep.

Our immune system produces substances which fight infection but also cause fatigue. So It is normal for people to go to bed and sleep when they are sick. It is a thought that it is natures way to prevent activity so that the body can fight off infection and disease. Adequate sleep is important for our body to repair as we are constantly exposed to conditions that compromise our immune system.

How our daily lives impact on our immune system.

  • We work for long hours behind computers and often under stressful time constraints
  • Sit in front of screens, playing games, watching movies and ignoring good sleep patterns.
  • Travel, countries, cultures and food expose us to foreign strains of viruses and disease.
  • Several forms of communication make demands on our personal time and we take less alone time which impacts on our health.
  • Although exercise is important, extreme sports have become popular. These take a toll on our bodies and without sufficient sleep our immune system can easily be compromised.
 A study at the university of Chicago shows that interrupted sleep compromises the immune system to the extent that it can speed cancer growth. Poor quality sleep with frequent awakenings changes how the immune system deals with early cancer prevention, tumour growth, and the speed at which cancer grows. In fact research suggests that those who obtain more deep sleep have a better chance of survival.
Adequate sleep, eight hours a night for an adult, is vital for good health and longevity. If there are certain factors that are not allowing you to get a good night of sleep, e.g. snoring, or a partner who snores then it is important to address them.
Following a daily sleep routine is important and we need to be more aware of the quantity and quality of sleep time.
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