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snoring or sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea or SNORING? Do the 5 question test.

If you know you snore, wake up tired, have unexplainable symptoms like headaches and mood swings you could have obstructive sleep apnea

5 Question test!

  1. Does your snoring wake you up with a gasp?  Yes    No
  2. Do you wake up tired and if so, does this affect your life and work performance?  Yes    No
  3. Do you find that you lack motivation and could be depressed?  Yes    No
  4. Do you suffer from frequent headaches?  Yes    No
  5. Do you find that you are putting on weight?  Yes    No

If you have answered YES to at least 4 of these questions you could be suffering from Sleep apnea.  Obstructive sleep apnea can be misdiagnosed as normal snoring. In the case of Apnea, the soft tissue and tongue block the airway entirely and you stop breathing for at least 10 seconds. The brain then signals there is a high carbon dioxide content in the blood. An alert is sent to the body to breathe and you hear a gasping sound at the end of the snore.  Reports state that a person suffering from apnea can wake up 600 times in a night. Interrupted sleep in addition with a high carbon dioxide content leads to chronic disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and even strokes.

Specialists advise if there is any probability that you could be suffering from sleep apnea  arrange an appointment with a sleep centre for a full diagnosis.

The common treatment for  Sleep Apnea is CPAP, but in milder cases a mandibular advancement device (commonly known as an anti-snoring mouthpiece) can be used. A good resource for information and list of recommended sleep centres can be find at the American Sleep Apnea Association.

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