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Lost sleep increases stroke risk

STROKE risk, quadruples with lost SLEEP!

Researchers believe that less than 6 hours of sleep causes inflammation, increases blood pressure, heart rate and elevates blood glucose levels.

Severe sleep loss jolts the immune system just as as stress does even if you are young and healthy. “People sleeping less than six hours had a four times increased risk of experiencing these stroke symptoms compared to their normal weight counterparts that were getting seven to eight hours,” study researcher Megan Ruiter, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, told HuffPost at the time.

Sleep is a third of our life that we take for granted. It is vitally important to our health and long term well being yet 30% of Americans are sleep deprived.

Many people just accept their sleep problems and just live with being constantly tired. It affects so many areas of our lives, our health, mood, memory, judgement and safety. But quality sleep is not always easy to achieve.



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