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Sleep makes you faster

Will sleep make you faster?

Athletes who get a few extra hours sleep per night boost their speed by up to 5 percent and their accuracy by 9 percent. The amount of sleep you actually need, depends on your genes and physical strength you put into your sports activity. Top athletes have been known to sleep about 10 hours a night.

Increase your muscle strength and allow your muscles time to repair

Improving your athletic performance might be as simple as getting 1-2 extra hours of sleep a night.  Physical activity puts a lot of demand on your muscles and tissues. Every athlete knows that they should be getting enough nutrition to feed their muscles but are they getting enough sleep?
Sleep is the time that the body needs to repair and refuel. No matter what type of athlete you are Sleep will boost your performance in many ways.

Build on your energy levels to get faster

Sleep boosts your reaction times and reflexes. It allows an athlete to perform at their optimum and increase the intensity of their workouts. Simply put with additional sleep time they have enough energy to be perform.

Recharge your motivation and competitive spirit

Training, competition and stamina require just as much mental as well as physical commitment. Quality sleep enhances your mood, alertness, concentration and physical strength. So rested athletes will have a better chance of reaching their goals.

Improve your coordination

Sleep is the time you cement memories and the motor skills you learn during the day.  So if you want improve your cadence, ball skills or golf grip a few extra zzzz’s will do the trick.


Athletes who share accommodation on team tours are often faced with difficult sleep environments. Snoring is possibly one of the number one complaints. Athletes who are required to build their strength especially rugby and football players are rated high for their snoring habits.  It is important that these professionals get enough shut eye and SnoreMeds anti-snoring device is easily tolerated by these athletes and stops their nocturnal sounds from the first night.

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