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Why women can't sleep

Why women can’t sleep?

Sleep disorders are on the rise, especially in women.  Atlanta Sleep Medicine Clinic reports that women work on an average of 41.7 office hours a week and if you add in their household duties it brings it to 65-68 hours in the week. Men sit at a comfortable 48 hours in comparison.

Womens sleep has deteriorated in the last 50 years and this is attributed to:

  • Work stress,
  • Long work hours, which includes household duties.
  • Demands of children
  • Additional pets
  • Lack of exercise or exercise at extreme hours.
  • Processed foods, packed with hormones, preservatives and antibiotics.
  • A restless partner or one who Snores
  • And last but not least lifestyle devices

Sleeping pills are a Billion Dollar business according to Consumer Reports . They are expected to reach $52 Billion dollars within the next three years. But as these figures are rising, non sleepers, are looking for more natural solutions. Melatonin a natural supplement, has shown figures that have quadrupled in the last four years.

Melatonin is made naturally when the light is low or dark. Backlit devices, mobile phones, computers and TV’s confuse the brain that it is still light and melatonin levels drop.

Women can also divide their life into 3 phases, menstrual, pregnancy and menopause. 79% of women reported an impact on their sleep (for the worse) when going through any of these life changing phases. They suffered from discomfort, pain, worry and some menopausal women suffered hot flushes every 18 minutes.

If you are battling to sleep, you are not alone. Our new age lifestyle has silently impacted on our quality sleep. Lifestyle changes should be a priority but the right sleep aids will help you get the shut eye you need.

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